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Accurence + JobNimbus Integration

Accurence’s ScopeAssist is a powerful mobile inspection app that creates automated Xactimateestimates in 60 seconds. It works seamlessly with JobNimbus, delivering inspections directly to your job folder.

What is Accurence?

ScopeAssist is the only onsite scoping tool that guides you through the inspection process and automates EagleView roof measurements, inspection data, photo management, and material lists to generate an accurate Xactimate estimate in 90 seconds.

Create estimates that adjusters understand and accept. ScopeAssist makes scoping properties easy by specifying required inspection items and automating replacement calculations for roofing, debris hauling calculations, line item preferences, material substitutions, labor activities, and interior wall actions.

How to get started with the Accurence + JobNimbus Integration

If you don’t already have an account with JobNimbus, you can sign up here. If you also need an Accurence account, you can do that here.

If you already have a JobNimbus account and an Accurence account, then all you need to do is to connect them together.

Setup Instructions

For detailed instructions on setup and use of this integration, please click here.