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CompanyCam + JobNimbus Integration

Make your projects more visual by easily taking pictures, annotating and share them, and keep them organized by date and location.

What is CompanyCam?

CompanyCam allows your team to snap smart photos in the field that automatically connect themselves to the right project (using GPS) and instantly sync back to the office. You can easily find photos when you need them. No more emailing, texting photos, and organizing folders. Plus, the real-time project feed enables your team to see the current progress at each job site, no matter where they are.

What you need:

If you already have a JobNimbus account and a CompanyCam account, then all you need to do is to connect them together.

Quick Setup Instructions

  1. Enable the integration.
  2. Create an API key in JobNimbus and copy this to your CompanyCam Settings.
  3. Create a CompanyCam token and copy this to your JobNimbus Settings.
  4. Once connected, you’re ready for your photos to start syncing from CompanyCam to JobNimbus!