EagleView + JobNimbus Integration

Order accurate aerial measurements for the roofs you’re working on right from JobNimbus and get them attached to the job folder once they’re ready. Save time and reduce risk of injury.

What is EagleView?

When you need accurate data to make informed decisions for the present and future, EagleView is there.

EagleView combines imagery that reveals the finest and most important details with computer vision to help you gain insights into any location—from anywhere.

How to get started with the EagleView + JobNimbus Integration

If you don’t already have an account with JobNimbus, you can sign up here. If you also need an EagleView account, you can do that here.

If you already have a JobNimbus account and a EagleView account, then all you need to do is to connect them together.

Setup Instructions

  1. Enable the integration.
  2. Sign-in with your EagleView account information and select your desired products.
  3. Order a report from EagleView directly via the action menu (…) from a contact or job.
  4. A copy of your report will be rturned to the attachments tab of your JobNimbus contact or job.

For detailed instructions on setup and use of this integration, please click here.