Google Calendar


Google Calendar + JobNimbus Integration

Keep your Google Calendar updated with your JobNimbus appointments, or see your calendar events in JobNimbus. Shared calendars get even better with a Google Calendar integration.

What is Google Calendar?

Google Calendar allows your team to quickly schedule meetings and events, so you stay ahead of the curve. Google Calendar is the perfect solution for small and large teams, alike, who are needing to schedule with others, create shared calendars, and keep their team’s appointments organized.

How to get started with the Google Calendar + JobNimbus Integration

If you don’t already have an account with JobNimbus, you can sign up here. If you also need an G00gle account, you can do that here.

If you already have a JobNimbus account and an Accurence account, then all you need to do is to connect them together.

Setup Instructions

For detailed instructions on setup and use of this integration, please click here.